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Dutch Sino Industrial

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Dutch Sino Industrial

Your Consultant or your Component Supplier.
DSI is specialized in creating supply chains for technical components from China.

  • DSI is located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Nieuw Vennep) and China (Shanghai).
  • DSI has a team of Dutch and Chinese professionals in manufacturing technology, commerce and the Chinese legal system.
  • DSI has an excellent network of in China and in Western Europe.

Do it in a Sustainable Way
Combine Chinese parts production with an European assembly environment.
This is the most sustainable way to achieve and maintain :

  • a controlled product quality
  • lower working capital
  • short delivery times.

Do it in a Responsible Way
We can help you to assess the opportunity and to execute it for you.

  • Product & Process Assessment 
    the DSI engineers can analyse your product and advice on the feasibility of sourcing in China.
  • Supplier Selection
    the DSI relationships, cultural understanding and experience in doing business in a local environment make a difference.
  • Effective Quality
    the DSI quality professionals in China can set up quality control at the supplier site.
  • Lower Costs & Working Capital
    the DSI commercial and legal skillset will help you making the best deal.

Start with an Intake.
Based on your input, DSI can assess you case and advice you on the feasibility.
Contact us for an “intake market & technology scan”.

“Do not lose your cost advantage by contamination of quality costs and capital costs” -